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Khazra medical wear

Tebyan Teb Diba manufacturing company is one of the main suppliers of Medical and service clothing in Iran in the field of producing all kinds of medical clothes (white medical wear, green and blue surgical sets, white and colorful service and clothing, nave blue and grey working cloths, etc.). This unit has been working since 1356 and has always been working to satisfy consumers. Since 2001, all products of this unit have been produced namely as Diba and the company's products have been traded under the brand of "Khazra" since the beginning of 2017.
One of the most important features of this unit is continuous monitoring of the quality of products as well as reducing production costs for the welfare of most consumers.
Based on this approach, in 2014, the company received the ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards from the accredited BRS Company (approved by the National Iranian Standards Organization NAC) by implementing the requirements of the Ministry of Health (GMP) and the implementation of international systems of medical equipment quality management.
The variety of production items and the high level of quality have always been one of the planned goals of the company's managers and using qualified raw materials, monitoring the product line and reducing the product sale prices are always considered by the company's officials.
We have proven that we can prevent any kind of contamination by sanitary and medical clothing to the environments that are in contact with the health of the community in addition to the preserve the quality of products, with the observance of the legal requirements of medical equipment.